09 март 2018

Private Equity Scorecard Approach: Quality versus Myth

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Empower Capital’s team is honored to have its paper on a proprietary valuation method called PESA™  (Private Equity Scorecard Approach), published by the Journal of Private Equity Spring, 2018.

PESA™  (Private Equity Scorecard Approach) is the result of Empower Capital’s efforts to increase the equity value of fund’s portfolio companies by providing a long-term strategic direction and improving the overall transparency in their internal processes.

PESA™ is based on the simple rule that the value of a commodity has both quantity and quality components. EBITDA is clearly the quantitive indicator, the euro and dollar multiplier determined through the relevant accounting standards and proved through financial, tax and legal due diligences.The quality of a company is how the company ensures shareholders value for the strategically pursued holding period, namely, through its training and growth capabilities, capacity to streamline the operational processes and increase of customer base and satisfaction.


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